Dumond TPK01 Professional Paint Removal Test Kit

Product ID: 211634

Item#: DCI00001/PK

UPC: 027691000010

Manufacturer: DUMOND

When homeowners and painting contractors need to find a paint stripper, they face a challenge. How do they choose a paint remover that is tough enough for the job at hand? Understanding a coating's complete history can be a daunting task, but Dumond's Paint Removal Test Kit contains everything you need to test all of our main products to determine the correct paint remover to meet your needs! Our comprehensive line of paint remover samples includes biodegradable and environmentally friendly paint removers that do not contain methylene chloride or NM. Every coating combination has its own unique DNA, and Dumond's Paint Removal Test Kit unlocks the individual DNA. This 11 piece test kit comes with:
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