Goof Off FG644 652 ml (22 oz.) Household Heavy Duty Remover (Spray)

Product ID: 218204

Item#: GPI30644/EA

UPC: 093945306443

Manufacturer: GOOF OFF

Goof Off Household Heavy Duty Remover cuts through the toughest stains on plastic or fabric. This spot and stain remover clears away ink, marker, lipstick and even scuff marks. Of the many kid-sized messes moms deal with, Goof Off tackles the spots that can be particularly difficult to resolve. Each cleaner spray bottle is safe for use as a fabric spray to tackle mistakes that ordinary cleaners can't handle. To use, simply apply Goof Off Household Heavy Duty Remover directly to the stain and allow to penetrate one minute. Wipe off with an absorbent cloth or wash fabric as directed. Then step back and enjoy the work done by this miracle remover
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