Dumond 1005CN 5gal Peel Away Complete Paint Removal Kit

Product ID: 218268

Item#: DCI31006/EA

UPC: 027691310065

Manufacturer: DUMOND

Peel Away 1 Paint Remover is a premier, industry leading, heavy duty paint removal product formulated to remove up to 30 layers of paints and coatings in as little as a single application. It is engineered to remove oil, alkyd, and lead based paints and most other older coatings from virtually all types of interior and exterior surfaces. Best of all, it penetrates to the bottom layer and performs even when the top layers are latex, acrylic, or epoxy, as long as the bottom layer is an oil, alkyd or lead based coating. Peel Away 1 is NOT engineered to work if the only coatings are latex, acrylic, or epoxy. 
Valid Ordering Quantity:
1 per ea
1 per cs