Metaltech I-I1CAS5RALU 5" Single Wheel (Black, Round Stem, Square Pin) for I-CAIRC Scaffold

Product ID: 218744

Item#: MTLX0000/EA

UPC: .218744

Manufacturer: METALTECH

Caster wheels are a key component in an efficient scaffolding system, as it is necessary for smooth maneuvering and optimized stability. Because construction demands a lot of heavy lifting, a strong and reliable caster wheel easily saves you time, energy, and potential damage. This heavy duty caster contains a double locking mechanism with locking pins to ensure safety during construction projects, designed to keep you secure at all times. Non-marking and made from durable material, this wheel is meant to be used with Metaltech Baker and Buildman scaffold systems. It's ideal for various tasks in construction, such as painting drywall or assembling a cart for easy transport of materials. Your safety is ensured when using this caster, as it is ANSI certified, CSA approved, and OSHA compliant. Here at Metaltech, we strive to develop, manufacture and sell safe, reliable, and innovative products that make working easier and faster to execute with built-in safety and sturdiness. Our products are specifically suited for residential, commercial, and industrial construction.
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