OLFA 180 9mm 13-Pt Metal Auto-Lock Precision Snap-Off Utility Knife

Product ID: 29585

Item#: OLF60001/EA

UPC: 091511600018

Manufacturer: OLFA

With its slender steel frame, it is easy to see why the OLFA 9mm 180 Metal Precision Knife is the choice of many tradespeople. Detailed cuts in tight spaces are a breeze with this compact knife featuring an auto-lock blade advance and pocket clip with built-in blade snapper. A resilient Silver Snap Blade with (13) segments is loaded in this knife for use right out of the package. When you need a fresh sharp edge, a quick snap returns you to the task at hand. Full blade exchanges never require any additional tools. Remove the pocket clip endcap to remove the used portion of the blade. Insert a fresh blade and replace the endcap. Simple and effective. Fits most 9mm blades.
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1 per ea
6 per cs