OLFA HB-5B 25mm 7-Pt Silver Extra Heavy-Duty Snap-Off Blade, Pack of 5

Product ID: 29590

Item#: OLF60020/EA

UPC: 091511600209

Manufacturer: OLFA

When you need to tackle extra heavy-duty projects, a regular blade just doesn't make the cut. Choose the blade of professionals with the OLFA 25mm Silver Snap Blade. Manufactured from high-quality Japanese tool steel, these extra heavy-duty blades deliver extreme sharpness. The precision honing process creates a blade with ultimate edge retention. To provide endless cutting, each blade is notched into seven (7) snap-off sections with deeply etched channel for easy snapping when needed. Once a section is used and a fresh edge is needed - simply snap the section and return to cutting. The universal fit of this 1-inch-tall blade means you can use them in most 25mm knives. Blade pack comes in a handy plastic storage case for convenience.
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